Wild Salmon, Fresh From Alaska!

Wild Alaska Salmon Products, Inc., is proud to share our PREMIUM product and affordable prices with our customers.




We are a family owned business with 50 years of experience in the commercial fishing industry. Our goal is to provide a consistent high quality level throughout our fishing and processing stages. Due to the immediate bleed out and icing of our salmon we can ensure that our salmon is the freshest for our consumers.


You will receive a product that has been handled by us, personally, from the water through the packaging process, ensuring the highest quality product.


Northern Cook Inlet near the Alaska Mt. Range is the location of our fish sites. Our sites are only 20 minutes away by plane to our processing plant, located near Big Lake, Alaska, north of Anchorage.

Fresh, nutritious,and superb, Wild Alaskan Salmon is available to you direct from our fishing sites to your table for excellent fine dining.


We guarantee wild caught salmon.







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